Our Lawyers

Our lawyers are carefully chosen in close collaboration with the Nigerian Bar Association. We remind our lawyers of the essential professional ethics and conduct that must be observed while representing the beneficiaries. We emphasise the fact that Pro Bono legal services is an essential aspect of law practice and that they must put in so much diligence and professionalism while representing the beneficiaries. Our lawyers committed to provide services to the beneficiaries without having to collect money from them under any guise or circumstance. Our lawyers are not paid; however, we have put in place incentives to encouraging them to keep up the good works of pro bono by ensuring that they get capacity building for better law practice.

Our Partners

We believe in team work and always ensure that we identify and work with the right organisations and persons in building the culture of Pro Bono in Nigeria. Apart from lawyers and law firms and the Nigerian Bar Association we are presently working with the following organisations:

  • Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI)
  • Human Rights Radio
  • Public Complaint’s Commission
  • National Human Rights Commission
  • Legal Aid Council of Nigeria
  • National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
The Pro Bono Clearing House continues to expand its frontiers and would continue to work with all persons and institutions to ensure that indigents and disadvantaged gain access to justice.

Our Team

  • Our team has specialized skills and experience in various disciplines. They are selected for their expertise, creativity, and passion forhumanitarian services, including assisting vulnerable and indigent people in our society to access justice. We promote pro bono activities, inclusive representation,and respect for human rights.